Tax Day...

Yup, it's the middle of April.

Tax Day.

The day we acknowledge that we've not only chained ourselves, but our posterity to the national debt.  Which, by the way is sitting at just over $17.5 trillion as I write this.

Yes, I did file.  Well, my wife did for us.

Speaking of wives...

Frankly, I'm coming around to the position that the state (be it local, county, State, or fed) should NOT be involved in the institution of marriage.  I don't really want to have them involved in a contract between me, my wife and God.  Especially since they are attempting to wipe God from eveyplace they have any dealings with.

Ah well, enough grousing.


I did start planting the garden yesterday.  Put in some caulliflower, brocolli, and head lettuce starts.

Today, I tilled a section of where, a couple years ago, I was thinking to put a corn field, and planted some radishes, carrots, cucumbers, and yes, brussel sprouts.  We'll have to wait now and see what comes up.

I have some pop sorghum coming, and some special kind of wheat that the ad purports to be easier to hand thresh.  I hope so, because the last time I attempted to thresh wheat by hand it was a real pain.

If the weather holds I hope to get those in the ground this weekend.  And some corn.  Yes, I am going to try once more to grow corn.  I know hybrids are "evil", but they aren't as evil as GMO, so I'm going with a hybrid that matures faster than regular corn in hopes that I'll get some corn in spite of my short growing season.  The pop sorghum is an experiement in growing that as a substitute for corn.  I probably should get some "regular" sorghum to try, but I figure the popping kind will be a good test.

I failed to get the peas and beans in yet, but hope to do so sometime soon, in spite of being late.  If I don't get any, it's only a couple dollars that are shot, but if I do get some, it will be great.

Wish us luck.

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