Sheep(le) by JavaMan (29 Oct 2012)

I know that some will take offense at this term. Tough. If the wool fits, wear it.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to have breakfast with an acquaintance that goes to the same church I do.

We've been meeting for breakfast every weekend for some time, in the hopes that we can encourage each other, build one another up and spur each other on to good works (Hebrews 10:24).

In the last couple months, however, I don't think either one of us is getting out of our meetings what we were hoping we would. Of course I can't speak for my friend (call him Leo), but I on the other hand, am getting increasingly frustrated by his lack of knowledge of not only applicable scripture, but events in the world in general.

For instance, the phrase, "like a witch hunt", was something he (in nearly 50 years) hadn't ever heard of. or if he had, he didn't recall it. (I have no reason to believe he would deceive me about this).

He has an innate trust that someone that claims to NOT be a believer is quoting scripture accurately. "He's very well read, and has read a LOT" is the defense, so I don't have any reason to doubt that he's quoting it accurately.

My take is that he might not be intentionally quoting it inaccurately, but just like some people say that "the Lord helps those who help themselves" is in the bible, he might be mis-quoting something that he believes is in there, but really isn't. BTW, when I made this statement, Leo's reaction appeared to indicate that HE thought that quote was in the bible!

Then we went on to a different topic altogether. Leo doesn't vote. Doesn't care to vote. Feels uncomfortable around people that are passionate about the direction this country is going.

All of which meant that when I mentioned that this was no longer the country that I grew up in, he didn't understand. He claimed that he knew many people that felt that this country had not changed and when asked to point one out to me, he said he was one of those.

I started to point out one of the most obvious changes, which had to to with firearms, at which point he stated something about me always bringing up guns. So I attempted to steer to a different area in which it had changed, at which point his response was something along the lines of, "don't confuse me with facts! I don't want to hear it"

Sadly, I don't know how long this relationship will last. He probably thinks I'm a stark, raving, conspiracy nut (I don't think I'm stark and/or raving ). And I think we don't have a lot of common ground on which to build this relationship to another level.

He makes his decisions on how he feels... and when confronted with that, actually withdraws the statement, but doesn't provide any explanation of how, exactly, he does make decisions.

Can you tell I'm frustrated? I do care about Leo, but the relationship with him is straining my own emotional well being. Rather than being something that is building me up, I come away from the breakfast emotionally drained and frustrated. I am afraid that I am going to have to beg off from the meeting for the next couple weeks - simply to get past the elections, restore my own energy (lowering my frustrations), and evaluate the value of the relationship to my well being.