I take a few weeks off and it all hits the fan.

I must apologize for teh condition of the site - it's been made a mess by some spammers and all discussions (which allow comments) have been taken off-line until I can purge the offending spam (in some cases, truly offensive), AND allow comments that don't come from spamming robots.

Again, my apologies for not paying closer attention.

In other news, things have been a bit of a mess here at my place, simply because about a month ago my employer (who I had worked for a total of 9 days) told me that the gov't contractor I was working for was preparing for the sequester because the contract we were working on got pulled back - so I should go home at the end of the day and they'll call me when it's time to return to work

Meantime, I am scrambling for income, which means the priorities have changed to my families survival.

For us, the S Has TF...  We're ok, but things are going to be way tighter than I had anticipated.  At least for a while.

The article that was to come last month, is about 1/2 done, so please stay tuned.


And again, my apologies. 

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