Catching Up

In my last post I visited the fact that I've been a slacker in maintaining and posting to the site regularly.

Getting back to work has shuffled the schedule around and I think I now have worked out how to have a bit of time in the mornings to put together something of interest on a fairly regular basis.

So, what's been happening in the news lately?

It is interesting that some congress people are finally wondering what DHS needs all that ammunition for.  And the only reasons they can come up with is basically, "Because"

Once again, it would appear that those of us that are patriotic, would defend the constitution in a heartbeat have been profiled as possible domestic terrorists while the one group that has produced well over 85% of the actual terroristic actions (I'd say 100%, but there seems to always be an outlier someplace) seems pretty well ignored.

I heard yesterday that the PTB had already had a "ping" on these guys a few months ago, and they were frequenting certain websites that promoted this type of action regularly.  Yet, no one thought it important enough to watch them? Or at least ask a few questions regularly?

Well, apparently thats the way life is these days.

Summer is fast approaching now at ROAR-West, which means that the roads to ROAR-East will begin to clear.  June is a little over a month away, and I hope to be in shape enough to get up there and finish the "shabin".

I say it that way because I seem to be having some issue with my left knee.  I am hoping that some Chiropractic treatment will straighten things out, but if not, I will probably need ortroscopic surgery ... and that will put a crimp in the plans for at least half the summer.

Remember, email me from the contact page if you have a comment to add to something.  We've had spam-bots posting, so I've turned commenting off until I can get captcha installed.


Ok. I admit it.  I'm a slacker.

But I have an excuse!

No, really.  I've been laid off for nearly 2 months and the 'honey-do's' around here have been killing me.

Ok, so that doesn't sound very plausible.

What's really going on is that yes, I've been laid off, but it's had me in such a funk I haven't been able to sit and write anything worth reading.

Thankfully my boss called me back and I have been back to work since Thursday! Yippie!

This bout of unemployment has been both frustrating and instructive to me.  Frustrating because I had only started the job when the company lost the funding for a couple months (was there for 9 days!). The new position was just 10 minutes from where I live where as the old position was a 2 hour commute - each way.  Yuck.  And that on city transportation.  I think I spent more time waiting for the next conveyance than I did actually ON the transport.

Anyway, as far as informative? Well, can you believe it truly exersized my faith?

Well, in ways that I was not prepared for, it did.  The whole, trusting Him that this was the right decision (to take this job in the first place) started to wobble, and then when an offer came along, I had to decide to turn that noew job down.

But in each and every instance, I know that He was there, speaking to me.  He showed me the issues with the job that was offered on the way to the interview. And then confirmed some of those issues with a wonderfully supportive wife (Beautiful) who helped me lay out a decision matrix to decide.

I can only say that in the process of this I probably talked with my Lord more often and more intensely than I have in years.  And when, in His timing, He blessed me with the callback, I now rejoice each and every day for the blessings bestowed.

Granted, we will need to "dig out" a bit, but it won't be too terrible.  And I'm certain that as long as we continue to keep Jesus at the center of our lives and marriage, it won't be a "chore" (I won't say it won't be difficult, because it might, but it will be done with joy and His peace)

So, hopefully this will be the resumtion of my writing here, and I hope that I can come up with subjects that will entertain, enlighten, and help us all prepare for what is coming - be it TEOTWAWKI or the return of the King, Jesus Christ.

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