Sell crazy someplace else...

Not a good day today.

Been getting bad news on many fronts. 

Drudge having an ominous warning and a lot of other things, and quite frankly, I'm tired of the PTB not having a clue - or rather, having a clue and that's why they do what they do - like sending jobs over seas.  People think it's just the low paying, manufacturing jobs like assembly and building cheap toys and electronics, but it's more than that.  It's software dev jobs, and engineering jobs of all sorts, simply because the overseas people will do the work for less money.  

Well, I've worked on projects where the project had to be pulled from the overseas developers, and frankly, if it was up to me, I would have flushed the code down the toilet and started all over again - it would have been cheaper. The client winds up paying more than twice for the crappy job the offshore company did (pardon my language). 

Don't get me wrong.  I've worked with a number of "offshore" people that came here, learned the trade and honed their skills, and I would say that more than half were great people.  Talented people, with good skills.  But when you can hire someone for 1.35/hr (maybe it's more, but it sure isn't what a fair days pay in this country is) - you get pretty much code worth 1.35 - or whatever you pay for it.

So what's set Java off today? well, I've been waiting to hear on a job for almost a month.  Come to find out that the client went with an "offshore" company.  Cost was the driving factor.  And sadly, they will get what they paid for, and they will come back to the company that wanted to hire me and want them to fix it.  But it will take them 12-18 months to get to that point.  Meanwhile, US treasure will have been shipped overseas.  US talent will go to waste, and the unemployed that are no longer counted, that aren't on the UC roles, will increase.

My suspicion is that the month delay was so that the other company could get it's bid in and "substantially" underbid the company I was going to work for.

This is becoming worse than the dot com bubble in 2002, I think. Apparently we didn't learn then, because here we are 12 years later, doing the same stupid stuff all over again.  But "we're in an economic recovery!" ... yeah, sure. 

Sell crazy someplace else.  We're all stocked up here. 

Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

Just an announcement.  The people at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo have asked me to spread teh word that their event will be happening this year on April 19th (2014... for those of us that still can't seem to wrap our heads around it).

It looks to be a great event, with many speakers and exhibitors. I especially would like to attend the ZIP presentation!

Just today (1/24) they annouced that Click It Hot Packs will be there also!

If you want more information, just run over to the website ( or email them at

Some of the speakers that will be at this event are:

  • Wolf Net Survival
  • Renegade River
  • Great Lakes Bushcraft
  • Rainbows End Farm
  • WMRN
  • Zombi Incident Preparedness (ZIP)


The exhibitors list is still growing and includes the following exhibitors:

  • Joe's Army/Navy
  • Oak Electric
  • Solar Kit Direct
  • Martial Tactical Training
  • PX Store
  • Coleman (yes, that Coleman)
  • Go Foods
  • Suvival Quarterly Magazine

If I was still living back in the area, I'd be planning a trip to Birch Run, MI for this event.

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