March, already...

Well, here we are at March already.  The job market still stinks, Putin and Obama are rattling sabers, and the weatherman is still right less than 50% of the time.

I spent much of the beginning part of this week working on a bit of software for my own leaerning and enjoyment.  I was implementing a CMS utilizing Velocity templates.  In Java.  Now it's far from complete.  In fact it's very far from being even as complete as the software that this site runs on, and yet, it is much easier to use than the software that this site runs on.

I need to put together some design for the admin side, include a number of different page types, figure out how to handle comments, and a few other things like various media, etc... but I think it's well on teh way to being a viable piece of software.  I will probably beta test it on another domain I have and see what happens.  Then, if it works well, I might try to migrate this site to it (unless I find out that they've migrated to Vaadin or something for this software).

In other news....

  • The tensions between the US and Russia are heating up a bit.  Reports of bombers being loaded with Nuclear weapons targeted for who knows where have been received, and frankly, I am unsure what to make of them.
  • A treaty between Israel and the surrounding countries, including the non-country, palestine, to secure peace in the mid-east for *ahem* seven years is supposedly in the works.  Rumor has it that it also will allow Israel to rebuild the temple on the temple mount.  I've been in discussions on how this could be done without havin gto move the mosque (or whatever it is) that is currently there.
  • Stocks continue to live in the stratoshpere, and I personally, wonder how long this can continue.  Not being a stock person, the parallels with the late 20's and early 30's bug me a bit.
  • Meanwhile, jobs are still in the tank. More on that in a bit.
  • Last, but by far not least... The King still sits on the throne.  Well, either that or He's come off the throne to mete out justice.  In either case, He is still in control.

On the jobs front.  My personal take is that the economy is stumbling along like a drunk in a blizzard, unsure of whether he's going to freeze to death or sober up enough to find his way home.

My personal economy is still in the pits, and the hole only seems to be getting deeper.  I've got to go into UC next week to prove to them that I've been looking for work.  To a beuracrat that probably hasn't had a job in the private sector, let alone a software development job, nor does s/he understand what a software developer actually does in their job.


Ok, I usually don't do this, but there is a "Store" menu item above.  It will take you to my Amazon store and should you purchase something off that I will get a few extra pennies deposited in my bank account at the end of the month.  In fact, I think that if you get to Amazon through the store link (or the links to the right), and purchase anything at Amazon, I think I get something. I have to check that to be certain, but I think I do.  While I know it won't support the family, it will help defray the expenses of this website - all of about $20/month.  If I can reduce that through "commissions" from the "store" by even $5 I'd be thrilled.

--- end of blegging.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and keep preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.  The best being defined as the LORDs return!  Short of that, remember to live so that you give the world enough evidence to convict you of belonging to Christ!

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