Dad Dreams

Dad Dreams


He was sitting there, at the table of participants. The instructors were asking each to come up and talk about the dish – to be critiqued. When it came his turn he went and faced the panel.


They could sometimes be brutal in their criticism, but for the life of him, he couldn't focus on what they were saying. Apparently, it wasn't too bad.


Once they were through with him, he went to sit at his place at the table, and saw his father sitting across from him. Stunned he sat down, and amidst the conversation that was happening, he talked a bit about the BBQ sauce his father had created. The father acted like he wasn't hearing it well, and he repeated it for him.


“Oh, the sweet sauce”, his father said.


“I punched it up a bit.”, he replied.




“I punched it up, “ he said once more, “Added a little heat” he added.


“Oh”, was all his dad said.


The dinner finished, and someone mentioned that there were some left overs from the first night – ribs in some sort of white sauce, and he realized he didn't even have the recipe for that one.


He ran around and finally tracked down a copy of the recipe, and then talked to one of the instructors for a few minutes, when he realized that the friends and parents of the students were leaving the hotel, checking out.


He thought of his dad, and ran to the desk to find what room he was in.


Finding that he ran up the escalator, to the floor, and wandered around looking for the room number. Someone started singing, trying to find room 31 – or was it 17? - and he sang out, “Where did you go, room 29?”, the other replied with some sort of lyric, and he sang out, “You are my valentine!”.


They sang that back and forth a couple times and then he found room 29.


Knocking, he said, “Dad!” But there was no answer.


Noticing the door ajar, he went in. The room was empty. More than that, it felt empty – emptier than anyplace he'd even been before.


Slowly he walked around the room, realizing that he had missed his dad, when in the bathroom alcove, on the counter he noticed 4 containers – a couple of stick deoderants and some other dry personal hygene packages.


The first thing that he thought was, “Dad, you could have taken these on the plane”


Then he gathered them all together in his hands, and realizing that he missed his dad immensely, bent over and began to weep



Awakening with a start, he realized it was a dream, and began to sob. Not just little sobs of unhappiness, but the deep wrenching sobs of sorrow and grief.


“Lord, God, Forgive me for the way I treated him ... and mom. For not spending more time with them, I miss them both something terrible.”, He sobbed.


Crying for about 5 minutes, he finally calmed down. Getting up, he made morning coffee, sat down to his computer, and knowing it would be the only way, began typing.


“Dad Dreams


He was sitting there, at the table...”



Tax Day...

Yup, it's the middle of April.

Tax Day.

The day we acknowledge that we've not only chained ourselves, but our posterity to the national debt.  Which, by the way is sitting at just over $17.5 trillion as I write this.

Yes, I did file.  Well, my wife did for us.

Speaking of wives...

Frankly, I'm coming around to the position that the state (be it local, county, State, or fed) should NOT be involved in the institution of marriage.  I don't really want to have them involved in a contract between me, my wife and God.  Especially since they are attempting to wipe God from eveyplace they have any dealings with.

Ah well, enough grousing.


I did start planting the garden yesterday.  Put in some caulliflower, brocolli, and head lettuce starts.

Today, I tilled a section of where, a couple years ago, I was thinking to put a corn field, and planted some radishes, carrots, cucumbers, and yes, brussel sprouts.  We'll have to wait now and see what comes up.

I have some pop sorghum coming, and some special kind of wheat that the ad purports to be easier to hand thresh.  I hope so, because the last time I attempted to thresh wheat by hand it was a real pain.

If the weather holds I hope to get those in the ground this weekend.  And some corn.  Yes, I am going to try once more to grow corn.  I know hybrids are "evil", but they aren't as evil as GMO, so I'm going with a hybrid that matures faster than regular corn in hopes that I'll get some corn in spite of my short growing season.  The pop sorghum is an experiement in growing that as a substitute for corn.  I probably should get some "regular" sorghum to try, but I figure the popping kind will be a good test.

I failed to get the peas and beans in yet, but hope to do so sometime soon, in spite of being late.  If I don't get any, it's only a couple dollars that are shot, but if I do get some, it will be great.

Wish us luck.

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