For those of you trying to find work in the American Redoubt

There is a new jobs site for those trying to find work in the American Redoubt:

The American Redoubt Jobs Clearinghouse

In the interests of full disclousure, the site runs on the same server as this site does, and is managed by management here (one of the reasons we've been lax in posting for a while)

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the American Redoubt, it is a part of the pacific northwest bounded roughly containing the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, along with the eastern portions of Washington and Oregon.

They are really looking to engage employers in the region to list openings.  It is not just a tech board, but any type of job can be placed up on the site.

Currently going through iterations of improvements, it is functional at this time and open for business.

Check it out!



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