Check this out!...

I read this story when it first came out in the '80's - great book.  Somewhere in all the moving between then and now I lost the original book ... then I got another copy of the book for Father's day.

I did not know that there was a "Graphic Novel" of it.  This is awesome...

The Probability Broach

Give it a read.  It has some very interesting ideas that it discusses.

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19 Oct 2013

Is This Country 'Gone'?

I had the thought a little while ago - "My country is gone."

Then it came to me.  The country isn't gone.  But America - the U. S. of A. is gone.

Why do I say this? Well, when I was growing up, things were a lot different.  There weren't laws about waiting periods, or exhorbitant fees for licenses, or permits needed for everything except breathing (but wait it will come)...

Now, that liberty has been replaced by mandatory car indurance, mandatory health insurance, a waiting period to purchase a firearm, and other regulations too numerous to even begin to list ... which is why there are so many.

There is no way that each and everyone of us can follow ALL the regulations there are - simply because there are so many of them.  There is no WAY we can know them all.  And in this manner our "masters" can control us.  Given any particular day, unless we stay in bed, in our houses (and I'm not even sure about that), we have broken some rule, some regulation, some law ... even if it is simply that someone has taken offence at what we said, or did!

Now, we the people, have attempted to tell our elected representatives and senators (don't get me started on the election of senators) that we are not pleased with the health care law (and other things, like the budget and deficit), and they have, with only a very few exceptions, completely ignored us.  Worse that this, they have done the wrong thing.  Let me clarify that a bit.

They have failed to do the right thing.  And they have failed to do the righteous thing.

They have failed the U.S. of A., their constituents and, in actuality, the world!

They have sold freedom and liberty down the river for a bowl of porridge.  Not their own liberty or freedom, mind you, but my freedom and liberty - and yours.  Of course, they expemted themselves from the consequences.

Today, I mourn for the country that once stood proud - the country that defeated fascism, communism, and most other -isms.  Only to have been lost because of complacency.

But I will state that I will not go quietly into that night.  I, however the Lord leads me to ... whenever the time comes ... alone or with others, in my bed at a ripe, old age or otherwise ... I will die free. 

16 Oct 2013

Check this out!...

I read this story when it first came out in the '80's - great book.  Somewhere in all the moving between then and now I lost the original book ... then I got another copy of the book for Father's day.

I did not know that there was a "Graphic Novel" of it.  This is awesome...

The Probability Broach

Give it a read.  It has some very interesting ideas that it discusses.

11 Oct 2013

Project World War III

I was running through som really old tabs that are open, making bookmarks of some interesting sites I found in the past and checking out new entries on blogs from weeks ago and came across the following.  It is so well done.  I could really almost believe that it was a real Kickstarter project...




11 Oct 2013

The more you tighten your grip, the more will slip through your fingers...

The quote of Princess Leia from Star Wars (tm) is beginning to become more and more appropriate as the various governments around the country begin to attempt to control as much of the details of life as they can.

And yet, as these things get more and more intrusive, more people are waking up to the fact that this is happening.  That the Emperor has no clothes.

From the service that allows people to rent space or homes called Airbnb (see airbnb.com), to the truckers protesting in DC soon, it is beginning to show on the east coast.  Soon, it will begin to spread westward, as all things tend to do in this country since even before Horace Greely told people, "Go west, young man! Go west!"

In fact, it attempted to spread to Colorado earlier this year, and was beaten back by the people of that state with a recall election which put the gun-grabbers on notice.  A notice that they don't seem to yet understand.  So, the Coloradans are going to attempt to do it again with another gun-grabbing, procedure defying, state elected representative.  I do hope they succeed.

Here at home, I can't help but feel like we're missing something that is about to happen at the state level, and yet, I haven't seen anything come across my desk, in email or in regular news or correspondence.  Only time will tell.

Stay sharp.  If you have news or suggestions please use the contact form to communicate with me.


Smooth as Silk...

In the personal arena, the truck got back from the shop yesterday.

And it runs smooth as silk.  It's almost back to being a great truck!

I only have to:

  1. Change the oil
  2. Change the air filter
  3. Change the transmission fluid (or have the transmission serviced)
  4. Get the rear brake rotors turned, or replaced
  5. Put the trim on the passengers side rear wheelwell
  6. ... and a few other "minor" things

And I'll have a truck that almost feels like new! (with nearly 170,000 miles on it)

Oh, and clean our the cab and the bed.

I wish I'd win the lottery so I could buy a new truck, but I really do like my truck.  Like every vehicle someone has owned for over 6 years, it has a few foibles that I wish were different. But all in all it's a good truck.  It gets me from point A to point B.  Maybe not in grand style, but a form of style.

It could use a bit larger engine ... well, ok, I would like it to have a bit larger engine.  Then again, I would like it to have a diesel engine, but try as one might you won't find an F150 with a diesel from the factory.  I figure, about the time I retire (a few years from now, still), I'll replace the truck with a new(er) one and then I will hold out for everything I want.  Including the diesel engine.

That is, if we're still driving cars not walking everywhere.  Or just not going anywhere.

The gov't shutdown is not helping things along here.  And yet.  I don't think I want the republicans caving in to the demands of a petulant person that isn't getting his way so he's going to have a tantrum and make life miserable for everyone except those on the "approved" list.

Well, tomorrow is another day ...

08 Oct 2013

Well, here we are again...

Once more I am apparently supposed to learn something from being "laid off".

Yep, the position I held is ended. 

Well, let me clarify that a bit.

The contract was renewed, however, it was only for a part-timer, and 1 full-timer with less experience than I have (read that, "costs less than JavaMan").  So, since there is no money to actually pay me, I am no longer working.

Now, I've been told that once the money is allocated for my position, they want to call me back.  Which is all and good, but I cannot count on that prospect.  So, I am out looking for work again.

Now, where two weeks ago (okay, maybe three weeks ago) there were a LOT of positions and recruiters calling me out of the blue, it would seem that since 10/1 there just don't seem to be as many!

Personally, the uncertainty of things would have me hesitant to hire anyone, too.

Case in point.  We want to have the house painted.  Now, if I were a younger man, I would probably do it myself (heck, if I could get someone to do the soffits and the gable ends ... or at least prep them, I might try to do it myself).  But, since I am XX years old, and after building the deck feel about 101 (I am recorvering, but still...), we need to hire someone to do the job.  The problem is that we have this uncertainty of income at this point... The house *could* wait, and we might need that $2000 - $5000 for groceries at some point.

Yes, I said $2000 - $5000 to paint the house.  Ouch.

So, we are getting bids, but even those are coming in slowly, and even then, we might still wait.  Although, waiting might mean that it will cost $4000 - $10,000 next year (depending on what inflation and the dollar do between now and then).

So, uncertainty.

But I am very certain that I am not going to wait for the gov't to take care of me and mine.  To that end, you folks will see in teh very near future a few new ads on the site - maybe even a "store" page - as I gear up with a few small things to make some minor amounts of cash to add to the bottom line around here.

I'm researching a few things, and hopefully will have some items that make sense for the site.

So, during the time off, I will attempt to do a bit more writing!  Which may be beneficial.