March 14th, 2012

We're getting there, slowly but surely...

Yep. we're getting there slowly but surely.  There are still a few areas of the site to finish up, and I need to get Beautiful to start adding a weekly column in her blog, but a few things you can look forward to in the weeks to come are:

  • Video how-to's (podcasts)
  • A series on getting started
  • More blog entries from JavaMan about his famiilies journey through the "Prepper/Survival/Homesteaders" landscape.
  • Reviews of products
  • Reviews of other sites!

We hope that you will stick with us through the growing pains, and register.  Currently we aren't asking for a lot of information about you in the registration, and hope to keep it that way.  Of course, we will be adding a few optional items to the registration form, and we probably will require an email at some point for verification.  Once we've verified you though, we'll be happy to remove it, if that is your wish.

We're glad you joined us!

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14 Mar 2012

March 14th, 2012

We're getting there, slowly but surely...

16 Apr 2012

Grand Opening!

Well, it's time to make the announcement that The Christian Prepper will be "open for business" on the first of May!

Development of the site has come to a point where it's ready enough to open the doors and see if there is interest in what we're offering.

The challenge for us as sitemasters will be to keep generating enough content so that you, the visitor will want to return time and again. Interesting stories, commentary, reviews, and just general fun!

Come join us on May 1! (Sorry, no prizes or gifts to give away - at least not yet!) 

Grand Opening! Really!

Yes, I reallize that it's a little later than the first of May, as I had hoped...  However, in ,my defense, we've been busy here getting ready to head up to the BOL an finish work on a shed/cabin.  Granted it's only 12' x 12' but it does have a loft for sleeping in, and will provide a place to shelter in the cold months.

Currently, we are working on getting the roof on.  More on that in the blog section in June.

With the election cycle heating up, we aren't counting our chickens before they are hatched, and are planning on the usual - 'prepare for the worst, hope for the best'

While simply hoping for the best, isn't completely enough - we all should be working for the best outcome, and the best for the country - we all should be prepared in case the worst happens.  That remains the same regardless of the event, be it elections, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, or what-have-you.

So, welcome to the new site! I hope you will find it informative, and while it may bea bit slow starting out, we hope to fill it with lots of good info and even some fun!

And now for something completely different...

Ok, maybe that got your attention.  Maybe not.

But is there anything really different going on in the world? Greece is still insolvent with Spain following close behind.

And those are just the current headlines.

What might be a bit disconcerting is the news that isn't being printed (or broadcast).  News about what is happening here in the US.  News about our own economy and where that is really headed.

Everyone that thinks the government is publishing the unvarnished truth about inflation, unemployment, the budget, and a myriad of other items, please leave the room.  May your chains rest lightly upon you as you leave.


I can't imagine that the numbers are correct.  Sure, the price of gasoline is down again (I'm hazzarding a guess that it's still more expensive here than the rest of the country).  But the taxes on my empty land went up (again) by about 17% over last year!  And of course the road in is actually worse than it was the last time I was there.  Effectively making my property worth less than when I purchased it simply because access is becoming limited - more than it already was.

Rumor has it that certain people that live in a big house in the east have an unhealthy obsession with UAV films.  Furthermore, it has been commented that this election cycle could become quite 'dangerous'  - ok, well, not the cycle itself, but rather one of the cadidates that is seeking re-election.  Sad.  Some people just don't know when it's time to leave.

In keeping with the news from around the globe, and especially that from within this once proud country of mine, Beautiful and I are going to redouble our efforts at being prepared. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

To that effort, we are treating the redoubt as a priority - at least as much as we can.  Getting the toehold building finished is job #1 (to borrow a phrase from FMC).  Of course, this doesn't address the issue of water.  I'll be working on that as well.  Life could become complicated within a year, and we need to be ready.

Of course, in positive news, our "wheat field" is producing!  We've got plenty coming up on the small plot that I "test" planted and once harvested - probably in late July - we'll be giving the berries a grind and trying our hand at real whole wheat bread.

I can't wait

Just remember, keep your head down and your powder dry!

Preparations of a different sort...

Phil 4:8 - Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Today, one of the kids wanted mom to buy them a t-shirt for a particular rock band.

Now, I have nothing against rock music.  I grew up listening to the likes of Yes, ELP, Moody Blues, and yes, even Black Sabbath!  But, having matured in my faith, and in my walk with Christ, I have come to the realization that (to quote Paul), "while all things are permissible, not all things are beneficial".  Of the groups that I mentioned, there were songs by all of them that were good, and some that were bad - and then there was that last group (Black Sabbath).  That one I should have simply ignored.

Thankfully, in my ignorance, Christ and the Holy Spirit protected me.  That isn't to say that there haven't been "issues", but they have been few and far between - except when it comes to the music of our kids.

Wayne Watson has a song titled, appropriately, "Maybe you're putting the wrong stuff in"  - and I was.  Some of these things simply didn't meet the test of Phil 4:8.

Now, I and Beautiful are attempting to teach our kids this criteria - that anything you listen to, watch, or read should pass this test.  That isn't to say that you should only watch/read/listen to pollyanna stuff.  It doesn't mean you can't watch the news!  But it does mean that you shouldn't go out of your way to input the garbage of this world and it's philosphy.

I know we will hear complaints from our kids.  So be it.  As my dad would say, "I'm not here to win a popularity contest".  It took me a while but I finally understood what he meant.  Just because the neighbors kids do it (watch/listen/read ... do drugs) doesn't mean I have to allow my kids to do it - whatever "it" is. 

Thankfully, we are prepared to "give an answer" for the reasons we believe the way we do.

Someone has to be the adult.

Something wicked this way comes.

US Supreme Court rules on Obamacare.

Can't say I'm all that surprised.  But in reality, I am a bit.  I thought for certain that they would have ruled it unconstitutional to force us to purchase insurance.  Apparently they think this is akin to taxation...

Then again, when pressuring congress and the american people to pass the act, the President stated that this was categorically NOT a tax.

I'm sorry Mr. President, you really can't have it both ways. 

Repeal this travesty now, and start over.  We have the time to do health care the right way.  We have time to put something in place that ensures coverage for everyone that wants coverage, and pushes the responsibility for health care onto those that should be responsible, the "customer", not the federal government!

09 Jul 2012

Observations on prepping while on vacation

The TCP family went just returned from a 10 day vacation to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.

A good time was had by all.  And I even got some "training" of the troops in.

How so you ask?  Well, for one, we "prepped" for the drive.  The only stops allowed were bathroom breaks and lunch (most days), and any of you with teenagers know, they eat between meals.  So the prep was to have snacks, water, and other goodies along to keep the "natives" calm.  Of course this included Mom and Dad.

One of the other ways we trained was on our hikes in bear country, I made us walk in what I call scouting formation.  Separated by 10 feet (plus or minus), we walked along the paths to the various sights and scenery.  On one of them we were approached by a young doe.  Had we been all clumped together I think she would have jumped off the trail and we would have missed her walking right by us within inches.  I had to give instructions not to reach out and touch her, she was that close.

The troops also learned a lesson in remembering the valuables that they are in charge of.  Thankfully it was limited to a pair of swimming goggles that were left at one of the hotel swimming pools.

Ok, I hear you now, "A HOTEL?!? What kind of prep training is that?!"

Well, pitching a tent and striking it on a daily basis for a family of four, is not my (nor Beautiful's) idea of a family vacation.  So, we stayed in Hotels/Motels.

We capped it all off with a raft trip down a river that bordered Glacier Nat'l Park through rapids with names like "Bone Crusher" and "Jaws".  So, we did have some fun with it.

I will have additional thoughts and comments over the next week or two in the blog and on the front page of the site on the lessons learned and the activities that we did, so stay tuned!

And,yes, I know "The TCP" is redundant, but ah well...

17 Jul 2012


This coming week, I will be trying to do a bit of cooking, prepper style.

That is, I am going to dig out the dutch oven, and (with the help of Beautiful) do a bit of practice cooking as if our lives depended on it.  Well, ok, maybe not so much, but I figure I should figure out how to cook things like stews, chicken, and yes, even bread or biscuits in my dutch oven before I need to.

The worst possible thing would be to wait until an actual emergency occurred and then have to figure out how many coals I need on the top of the thing, or how much water to put in the stew, or what ever else I could possibly screw up! So, in an attempt to get a bit of training in an area usually left as the orphaned step-child of prepping (especially by we men), I am going to prepare a number of delicacies.

Maybe I'm throwing myself under the bus here, but what the heck.  If we can't have a little bit of fun while learning the skills we need to survive the end of the world (or even the next earthquake, financial meltdown, or whatever), we're in a sad state of affairs.  Life is too short and precious not to prepare, and it is way to short not to have fun doing so.

I plan on writing this up and posting it here, so that all can see, and have a laugh.  Complete with pictures!  So stay tuned!

First thing, I think will be either a loaf of bread or some biscuits


19 Jul 2012


Signs abound that the end of the republic is near (queue Star Wars Empire theme).

But seriously, there are many signs that this once great republic could go belly up in the not to distant future.  In one way or another, either financially or politically it is indeed a possibility.

With the government spending way more money that it brings in as revenue, and has been doing so for many years, this could spell the death of the republic's ability to operate.  Effectively, it would be bankrupt (as if it's not currently) and unable to pay it's bills.

Politically, it could be that forces within and without the country are chipping away at the liberties that we've enjoyed up to this point.  The socialist/communist leaning politicians (no, they won't come out and say so, but they are), are working at it, as well as those from outside the country, that are envious of our freedoms and liberties.

Should be be concerned? Of course.  Should we be fearful?  As Christians, no.  After all, as Christians, we have not be given a spirit of fear, but of confidence.  We have placed our confidence in the maker of the Universe, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen.  And He is still on the throne.  Therefore, we shall not fear. 

In other news, having stumbled upon Radio Free Redoubt, I am going to start promoting them on the site.  They have a number of great resources for news and support Americanism, and the Judeo-Christian principles on which this once great republic was founded. Please click through and visit their site.

20 Jul 2012

Eternally Vigilant

Wow.  Just wow.

I have to say that sometimes when I think I'm going overboard, when I fear I'm becoming one of those looney conspiracy nuts, or when I get concerned that I'm letting it all just get to me and my stress level is just too high for all of this stuff to be real and all I want is someone to tell me that either it's all not true, or confirm my research and thoughts on the situation, that's exactly what happens.

This time, though, it's not "Relief, it's false" but rather, "one of your more reliable sources seems to think there's truth in this!"

And "this" happens to be not just about a single issue.

In the last month or 6 weeks, I have been feeling a bit of motivation or "pressure" to get things completed at the retreat.  Granted, it's not located in the most ideal section of the world, but it is what I have currently, so I'm working with it.  But I digress.  

As I mentioned, I have been feeling a sense that I need to complete the shelter there, and explore methods of obtaining water - both of which I've been doing - but I've been just one person, with this feeling (well, except for Beautiful) and sometimes I feel like I'm influencing myself, being in a "vacuum" like this.  So imagine my surprise, when I happen upon some articles from other sites that have come to similar conclusions.  Other Christian oriented sites. As well as sites that are not. 

Then, recently, I have been moved to research a few other things that may be going on around the country and the globe.  Sometimes it's difficult to discern just how much creedence to put into things you read, or hear on the internet, or from other sources.  So I have developed a couple of places that I believe I can trust (based on their past history, record, or experience), and one of those is Jerry Pournelle.

Now, I've been seeing things about executive orders, and a state of emergency, etc... but of course, presidents in the past have signed EOs and some of them have even covered similar issues.  Usually, these are discounted to some extent by the "trusted sources" I have.  However, today, I find that Mr. Pournelle (over on "The View from Chaos Manor") has received some email about these EO's that the current administration has signed.  He hasn't discounted the possible implications of the one that is specifically mentioned.  

Curiouser and curiouser.

Whew, I guess I'm not going nuts.

As he states, I am thinking we haven't heard the last of it.  Remember, "The price of liberty is eternal vigilence"  We have to keep watching.

22 Jul 2012

Oh yeah, do you feel safe now?

Seems that the TSA really has their hand on keeping us all safe from terror ... :



27 Jul 2012

The American Redoubt

Recently, I received an email from a visitor to the site that was looking for a way to connect with like minded preppers without violating OPSEC and PERSEC.  Specifically with connecting with Christian preppers.

It was suggested that it would meet a need, and that I could fill the void by providing such a service.

I found it interesting that this request should appear at this point in time. Why? Because I have recently come across the concept of the American Redoubt.  This is a geographic area that is roughly defined as Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington.  But the question still remains - how do you make contact with Christian preppers, either inside the American Redoubt, or outside?

Well, enter Radio Free Redoubt.

They have put together a site and a network that will connect preppers together.  The philosophy of the American Redoubt (and that of Radio Free Redoubt) is that of Americanism - a culture founded on Judeo-Christian values.  This means that those that sign up for the ARN (American Redoubt Network) are very likely to be Christians, or hold to Christian morals and ideals.

My suggestion, even though I would like to personally provide such a service, is to head over to Radio Free Redoubt and sign up with them for the ARN.  They have a category of participants for those that are outside of the redoubt area - they are called O.A.R (Outside the American Redoubt).

One of the reasons I started this site is to provide information to the Christian Prepper community on resources to use for preparing for the coming difficulties (what an understatement, huh?).  This, is one of those resources.  Let's go use it!

Prepping on $50 a paycheck - Period 2

My apologies for running a bit behind on this installment.  No excuses, time simply got away on me this last week.

So, did you all get your "Operation TEOTWAWKI" binders started?  I know I did a few refinements on my OpPlan that goes in to mine.  One of those things was to include maps and directions to the retreat location, including a secondary route.  I hope to come up with a secondary retreat, as well.

We also left off with $40 left in the kitty.  Combining this with the $50 for this period, and we've got $90 for preparations.

In keeping with the idea that we may have to Get Out Of Dodge (G.O.O.D.), we are going to be purchasing a BOB (Bug Out Bag), sometimes referred to as a 3-day bag, or Get Home Bag.

Next time we will also be purchasing supplies to carry in this bag.

My goal in purchasing a bag for this purpose was to find one that would hold the items that I wanted to carry, including (but not limited to), food supplies, fire starter, rain gear, and other items necessary to travel by whatever mode for 3 days.

To do so I had set a goal originally of $50 for the bag.  However, after investigation it doesn't look like there is a bag out there that meets my own criteria for such an application.  Most of them are in the $60-$80 range.  the bag I choose was this one: http://www.campingsurvival.com/thdaypabacob.html.  It is also available in ACU camo pattern, but is $25 more expensive, just for that!  Since this was going to be my BOB, and I would be carrying it nearly every day, in an urban area, I opted not to go tactical.

Currently on sale at Camping Survival for $53.95, you might be able to find it for less elsewhere (Amazon has them from 52.95 up to 99.95 in carious colors and camo patterns).

Look around and find a good one that is constructed well, that you like.

Now, why did I pick this one, you ask, besides the wonderful color!?

One of the main reasons was the ability to add hydration to it (camelback style).  It has a pocket for that and since I have the bladder already from another pack I have, I figure, that might save me a couple dollars.  Eventually, I will pass the other pack down to one of the kids, and then I'll probably go get a bladder so they will have hydration, as well.

Add to this a few protien bars and some other foodstuff for a three day bag and you are getting close to spending our $90!

My figures show that you should be able to fill the back with what you need for three days (waterproof matches and a magnesium fire starter, protien bars, water bottle(s), a couple canned meals (think noodle-roni or Dinty Moore stew) for the three days out, and have some change left over.

Of course, you're going to want a change or two of socks and underwear, parhaps a change of shirt and jeans, a poncho (raingear), knife/hatchet, and maybe a thermal blanket (or two).

We'll add to this list in the next installment, and in fact, the hatchet and knife, are probably acquisitions that will exceed the budget for this week and warrant a closer look for quality, and convienience.

My suggestion is that with what it left from the budget, you start procuring the foodstuff that you would want in the pack, along with a few smaller tools, such as waterproof matches/fire starter, folding saw, etc...

Next time we'll cover a couple larger items to include in the pack, and determine if we can afford them in a single period or if we need to spread them out over a couple periods.

Until then, keep your OpPlans updated, and your powder dry.

15 Aug 2012

News from far and near...

Some of you might notice that there is a new feature in the right column on the site.  It is a set of "indexes", informal though they might be, these are indices that I use in a general sense to guage what direction the economy is going - at least the local economy.  And isn't that the economy that matters most to each of us?

Granted, these are reflections of the larger economy, and in their own way indicate the direction the macro economy of the nation and world are headed.  When gas prices rise, the cost of everything tends to rise with it.  When food commodity prices rise, and gas prices rise, you can bet things are going to get pricey at the local supermarket.

Fortunately, it looks like wheat as dropped a bit in the last few days.

I will be adding more commodities to this in the near future, along with links to various pricing sites.

In other news...

Looks like things are about to get worse in Greece

Is it finally time to get worried?


13 Aug 2012

QE 3?

Well, I am hearing rumblings that QE3 is underway as of early this last weekend.

Banks being told to provide plans to sell off non-core assets to ensure their liquidity without dependency on "the public sector", etc...

The question really is, if the ship of a bank is foundering will the FDIC step in and protect the depositors as the contract states or, is it all become null and void because of recent rulings about depositors funds and bank funds?

I think we'd better fasten our seat belts...

It's going to be a bumpy ride.

03 Aug 2012

Thoughts on Prepping - a guest comments

I received the following email with permission to post it to the site.  It has some very interesting thoughts on prepping, why we prepare and how to prepare.


Hi Java,

Thought I would pop in and share this....

I was laid off from my job on Monday and after the initial shock set in (was
totally taken by surprise) I realized that my family would be ok for at
least a year.  Why?  We're preppers that's why.

But what's more is that we invested in Gold and Silver when it was a little
cheaper to do so (Gold was around $970 or less an ounce at the time and
silver around $15) and we bought enough that the investment could now
sustain us (along with UI since I'm forced to pay it I might as well collect
it) for at least a year or longer without reducing our standard of living.

So, while many poo-poo buying Gold as a prepper I have to admit I'm glad we
did.  However, we bought something like 80 oz of silver to 2 oz of gold --  
the silver paid off more but doesn't matter from our perspective because
either way we've stored enough wealth to give ourselves a long cushion of
time to find work and continue our preps.

Sure selling the coins is a last resort, but if we have to we can and it's
basically hidden money on top of all that.

My advice to anyone considering this is to NOT watch the spot prices because
you're not investing to 'make money' but rather to protect yourself and
knowing that you have a small stock of precious metal coins as a backup is a
comfortable feeling indeed.

Just don't put all your eggs in one basket!  Pay off bills, have a savings
(no matter how hard you think that is to do!  Do you really need cable TV?),
invest in land (only tangibles!  No paper investments) and FOOD!  Check out
Pleasant Hill Grains (their prices are the best from my research and the
food is excellent) and get back to basics (mill your own flour, raise
chickens, garden etc)....

Hope this helps someone.

03 Aug 2012

Prepping on $50 a paycheck - Period 1

I know I am going to be assuming that we all get paid every 2 weeks, and I know some are on a monthly schedule, and some on a weekly schedule.  Simply adjust your budgeting accordingly (examples later)

Setting aside $50 every 2 weeks for prepping might be a bit of a struggle for some of us, but it is something we need to do.  If you can't do $50 each pay period, then do $25.  It simply means you will take twice the amount of time to cover all that we'll be talking about here.

If you can't do $25 per period, then do what you can - and adjust the timing accordingly.

Also, if you are paid once a week, or once a month, simply adjust the amounts.  Once a week, would be $25 per period... and you simply wait until you've accumulated the $50 for the item that we're talking about.  If it's once a month, simply take the $50 multiply by 26 (26 periods in a year) and divide by 12 (12 month in a year).  that's the amount that you want to budget every month for this project.  Yes, it actually comes to over $100 per month.  Trust me on this.  This is the way it will work.

For our first purchases, we are going to buy some page protectors, a 3 ring binder, and a Sharpie (or generic felt tip marker).  We'll get to why and what to do with them in a bit.  A total expense of about $10.

What, pray tell, are we going to spend the left over $40 on?

Well, we're going to put it into our prepping cash envelope for the next period.  This is because what is coming up is going to require more than $40.  So save that until the next paycheck.

As for our page protectors and binder...  Your homework assignment for the next two weeks is to inventory your pantry, writing down everything you can on sheets of paper divided into 3 columns.

At the top of the first column put the label "Description", the second column, "Expires", and the third column, "Quantity."

Yes, I know you might have multiples of the same item that expire on different dates - the idea here is to order them so that the ones that have the earliest expiration dates are first in the list, and later ones follow it.  That way you can mark them differently if you'd like.

This works really well if you take list, in no particular order, and then enter it into a spreadsheet, like Excel.  Then you can sort them based on the item Description, and secondarily on the Expires column.  Once that's done you can print it out, which means it's very readable, and place it in page protectors in the binder.  When you use one of the items, be sure to adjust the "Quantity" on the sheet.

When you go shopping, you can use this to determine what you used (and need to replace) and what you want to add to your pantry of supplies.  Also, enter it back into the spreadsheet (if that's how you're doing it) and re-print and replace the ones you have.

Yes, you'll use more paper this way, but it does make keeping your list updated a bit easier. If you REALLY want to go all out, use the spreadsheet for "marking off" the items you've used (adjusting quantities), but, the hard copy will be handy in a grid down, power lost scenario.

The other item to put in the binder during this period is your emergency plan.

I work on ours using a word processor (like Word), so that as I think of things I can add them or update the document with some additional info, and then reprint, if needed.  It took me about a week to get mine to the point that I felt it wasn't going to change every other day and I could print it out.

This document covers things like, what the plan is if you are apart from your loved ones when "The Event" happens (do you all head for the BOL? or they stay put and you try to get to them, and then bug out?, etc...).  It also covers other scenarios, and has things like who to contact outside of the emergency area, if need be; what things are absolutely necessary in the event you need to get out of dodge, etc...

This way, when the SHTF happens, and everyone is running around in a panic, fogetting what to do, all you have to remember is "go look at the binder"

27 Aug 2012

Pay no attention to the inflation behind the curtain...

Gasoline is up, nearly 50 cents per gallon since the beginning of the summer.

The cost of a 2 x 4 x 8' stud is up around 50 cents per.

The cost of a 4 x 8 x 7/16 sheet of OSB is up about $2.50 per

And the cost of a 4 x 8 x 19/32 sheet of OSB is up $4.50 per

And yet, there is no inflation?  Seriously?

Insanity, in some defenitions, is "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results"

Based on that defenition, I humbly suggest that Bernanke, et al, are insane.  QE1, QE2, and now QE3? And now I'm hearing that they want to do this same thing in Europe?

As I've stated before... "Hang on to your seats, it's going to be a bumpy ride..."